At Peter Pan, we not only help the child develop English skills and Knowledge, but we also nurture the mind and heart. We, therefore, feel that it is important in maintaining a balance within all aspects of the child’s education.

Montessori Method

Montessori method is an educational approach of observing and supporting the natural development of Children. There is no fixed curriculum in Montessori method. The basis of Montessori practice is respected individual choice of work.

Montessori method is practiced in more than 2000 schools in the United States, made compulsory in European countries, and is drawing much attentions all over the world.

Ten Important life skills encouraged at Peter Pan

We will further strengthen the skills that your child has already developed as well as support the skills not yet mastered. We feel these skills useful in shaping the child’s personality for adulthood.

1. Execution & Task Completion

The ability to confidently make decisions for oneself and execute what needs to be done without being affected by one’s surrounding.

2. Planning

The ability to plan and think ahead before taking actions.

3. Decision Making

The ability to infer from situations to make appropriate judgement.

4. Self Expression

The ability to accurately express oneself verbally, physically, and creatively..

5. Leadership

The ability to be assertive in a group (e.g. friends)

6. Calculation

The ability to make calculation and estimations during everyday tasks.

7. Communication

The ability to converse freely & comfortably in an unfamiliar social setting.

8. Analytic Skills

The ability to act appropriately according to one’s circumstances and comprehend the cause and effect of events through observations.

9. Imagination

The ability to imagine and think creatively from story books and TV programs.

10. Practicality

The ability to take in experiences and put them into practical usage.

At Peter Pan, we aim to not only assist your child in acquiring English proficiency, our main goal is to develop the whole child.

Small classroom sizes enable us to devote our attention to the needs of each individual, bringing out the potential of each children.

A pre-school age child will be able to absorb the English language easily so we encourage using this crucial time in heightening the language development.

We will actively support your child’s growth to a bright future, not only with English conversational skills, but also by developing the necessary life and learning skills, preparing your child to succeed in an international society.

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