MARCH 23 – 27

9am-3pm (Option: 8am-9am / 3pm-5pm)

Children ages 3-7

Program Schedule

Day 1 "My Art of Colors"

Monday, March 23

The children will identify the primary and secondary colors and make their Color Sorting Caterpillar.

Craft: Color Sorting Caterpillar


クラフト: キャタピラーの色あわせ

Day 2 "Learn Your Numbers"

Tuesday, March 24

The children will recognize the numbers, learn to count from 1 up to 20 and create their Finger Print Counting Craft for this lesson.

Craft: Finger Print Counting Craft


クラフト: しもんカウント

Day 3 "Let’s Match!"

Wednesday, March 25

The children will match the uppercase letters and lowercase letters, sound out letters of the alphabet and create their Alphabet Mini-Book

Craft: Alphabet Mini-Book


クラフト: アルファベットミニブック

Day 4 "Shape It Up!"

Thursday, March 26

The students will learn about the basic shapes and 3D shapes, identify the shapes around us and create a truck using different shapes.

Craft: Build a Truck with Shapes

まる、さんかく、しかくなど、身の周りにある『かたち』を学びます。 平面だけでなく、立体になった『かたち』にも注目してみましょう。 

クラフト: 図形のトラック

Day 5 "Experiment Day"

Friday, March 27

The students will conduct the Erupting Volcano experiment. They will identify the materials, make predictions and learn new ideas.

Craft: Volcano Making


クラフト: 火山の実験

Tuition Fee

1 day (9am-3pm)   ¥8,000

1 week (9am-3pm)   ¥35,000

Daily Schedule

9:00am Blocks Time

9:30am Circle Time

10:00am Out Door Play

10:45am Theme Activities

12:00pm Lunch Time

12:50pm DVD Time

1:10pm Job Time (Work Sheets, Craft)

2:30pm Songs & Story Time

3:00pm Going Home Time

Things to Bring


・A bottle of water

・A hand towel with loop

・A hat or cap

・A change of shirt

・Complete change of clothes

(for children under 3 years old )

* *Please bring the following items, with every piece labeled with your child’s name.

How to Apply

If you would like your child to attend Peter Pan International Pre School Spring Open House, please complete the online application form.

We will send back a confirmation message and bank transfer information by email after your application has been accepted. Your application is complete when the office confirms both application and payment.


おり返し、一週間以内に確認のご返信をさせていただきます。返信の際に銀行口座をお知らせいたしますので、そちらへお振り込みいただいた時点で、ご予約は完了とさせていただきます。(迷惑メール対策などで正常に送信されない場合もございますので、お申し込み一週間以内にメールが届かない場合は、お手数ですが必ず事務所までご連絡ください。 )